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aeco delta
Energy saving films

reduce energy consumption. enjoy comfort.  

The best energy is the one
that you do not consume!

With our special energy-saving films, we help optimize your energy balance and thus reduce your operating costs quickly and sustainably

The solutions offered by aeco delta are suitable for different types of commercially used properties such as office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, airports or train stations as well as for public and historic buildings

The way it works

In summer

Our high-performance films reduce heat radiation and thus prevent a greenhouse effect. In addition, they absorb 99.5% of harmful UV rays.

Cooling costs are reduced and harmful UV rays are blocked while the window remains transparent, streak-free and easy to clean. 

In the winter

Our foils keep the heat in the room. The thermal insulation improves up to 57%.


Because of the high reduction of heating costs, the films pay for themselves in a short time.

Kein (1000 × 500 px) (2).gif

Your benefits

Keinb (1000 × 500 px) (1).png
  • Absorb 99.5% of ultraviolet rays

  • Blocks nearly 93% of infrared sun rays 

  • Improve thermal insulation up to 57%. 

  • No discoloration of your interior

  • Provides a comfortable indoor climate

Keing (1000 × 500 px) (1).png
  • Scratch resistant, clear & transparent

  • Are treated against streaking

  • Additional protection against burglary and injuries caused by broken glass

  • up to 10 years warranty 

  • Reduction of reflection on monitors

Kein (1000 × 500 px).png
  • Prevent the greenhouse effect and quickly pay for themselves by reducing heating and cooling costs 

  • In summer, the foils keep the sun's heat out, in winter they keep the heat inside 

  •  No change in the appearance of a building

  • Window panes can be cleaned afterwards as usual

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We For you

By using sun-resistant and energy-saving protective films on glass, savings in energy consumption of up to 30 percent are possible. This factor is gaining immense importance due to today's modern architecture, which increasingly uses glass.


We take over the consultation, planning and installation for enterprises, which want to lower your power costs, effectively and lastingly. Your energy balance is optimized while the appearance of your building remains unchanged


With our 10-year warranty (on selected films), we guarantee you the highest quality and workmanship

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A selection of the companies and institutions that trust in the innovative power of aeco delta

aeco delta austrian energy solutions - As an energy consultant, aeco delta austrian energy solutions offers ecologically and economically sustainable solutions for existing properties. The products of aeco delta reduce the operating costs or optimize the energy balance, whereby cost advantages for tenants and property owners can be realized within a short time.

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