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Our high-performance foils

Almost invisible, highly efficient and quick to install. 

Which sun protection film suits my needs?

Sun protection films can be glued inside and outside. Basically, the bonding variant depends on your window panes. If you have single glazing, you can use the usually cheaper option - the inner film.


For double or multiple glazing, skylights, heat and safety glass, we recommend the more efficient outer films


inner foils

Interior foils are mostly used when the sun exposure is not very high, the glazing is simple or an external sticker is not possible. The inner foil often lasts significantly longer than 10 years. The heat protection is lower than with the outer film, since the pane heats up from the outside. Our inner foils can be cleaned normally and are glued seamlessly

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outer foils

Due to the outdoor installation, you have by far the most effective heat, UV and infrared protection with outdoor films, since the sun's rays first hit the film and are immediately reflected back.

Depending on the type of construction, we offer different outer films and will be happy to advise you on which one is the most suitable for your property 

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